@ the Pierson Gallery, Tulsa, OK

Linda Pierson, owner of the wonderful Pierson Galleries (piersongallery.com) on Cherry Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently put this work on display in her new contemporary space. I am pleased and honored to be represented by Linda, who is truly a lover of the arts and artists. If you’re in the area, please stop by and see Linda’s awesome collection of prints—you won’t be sorry!

This painting of my maternal uncle, David (Sonny) Herron, is the largest encaustic I've attempted. Although I never met Uncle David, his memory has been faithfully carried on in my family--of his heroism and ultimate sacrifice. He is posing in front of the Williams General Store in Onapa, Oklahoma, probably right before he was deployed in 1943.

Uncle David (Killed in Action, 1944)

oil, encaustic and collage on panel

48 x 72 in.